Location of ArduCopter Code

Hello all,

I have a brief question - if I want to modify the Ardupilot source code, where can I find it? I am using the Navio2 connected to a Raspberry Pi (also with the pre-configured Raspbian image), and I followed the Navio2 docs for getting Ardupilot to work (which it did), but I was curious as to where I can develop on top of the already written code.


Hi @peasant98,

You can find it in ArduPilot repository on github.

Sorry, what I meant was where the code is on the Pi. Like which directory is it in? Iā€™d like to be able to change the Arducopter code there.

Hi Matthew,

There are only binary ArduPilot files on RPi.
You can clone the ArduPilot repository to RPi and build it there if you want.

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