Location of APM/scripts on Navio2/RPi?


I’m interested in exploring/implementing some of the LUA scripting capabilities in Ardupilot. AP documentation suggests that the scripts be placed in /APM/scripts, and to create it if it doesn’t exist.

I have created that directory on my RPi, but Mission Planner messages indicate “Lua: No scripts to run”. I’m curious whether this directory is supposed to exist elsewhere (as a subdirectory somewhere?). It is unclear to me what Ardupilot sees as its root directory.

Thanks in advance,



It could be the directory where arducopter executable is stored:

/opt/ardupilot/navio2/arducopter-x.x/bin (edit x.x)


Thanks for the suggestion, Marc.

I believe I’ve now tried… (none of them previously existed)


There are probably a few others I’ve tried, but MP continues to show “No lua scripts to run”.



Hi @Moorhead,

Did you try to create this folder using MAVFTP in Mission Planner?

I’m glad you asked that! I have recently updated Mission Planner, and MAVFTP doesn’t seem to exist as other people have shown/described it. I was curious whether it had been removed from the program.

I had never used it in a previous edition, so I couldn’t tell you whether I have ever even seen it before.

Hi Michael,

Did I get correctly you use Mission planner v1.3.7? MAVFtp should work fine with this version.

Do you connect to the Navio2 via SSH? Could you try to connect via USB?