Location and speed latency


I used USB to connect my Reach M+ to a computer and using computer to read the location and velocity. I noticed that there was a significant delay between the device move and the computer saw the position and velocity changes. The latency is about 1 second.

Does Emlid has an official specification about the latency?


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Have you tried to increase the data-collection rate?

Could you let me know where I can change it?

Anyone know how to increase the data-collection rate?

Hi there,

You can do this in RTK Settings:

You need to increase “Update rate”, I’d recommend using 5 Hz

After this, still see the latency. And the latency was verified by comparing with Lidar based localization. https://twitter.com/SmallpixelCar/status/1258825869281222657

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Hi @AutoCar,

The higher the update rate you set up, the more frequently you get a new position on the rover, the less the latency will be.

You can increase the update rate even more by setting up a 10 Hz or 14 Hz (please note that in this case you can use GPS only). This should help you to resolve this issue.

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