Localized android surveying setup


I’m now owner of a brand new RS2 with the following setup:

  • Use case: point collection and stake out on construction sites for public works. It is very important to have real heights with centimeter precision, because all planing is made with real heights.
  • Correction data via NTRIP (German SAPOS-Service)
  • RS2 is connected via bluetooth with an Android tablet (Samsung)
  • MapItGIS is currently used for point collection. The German “Quasigeoid” is used to get geoid heights. This works very well.
  • For stake out the Reachview app is used - but I have to transform the heights from geoid to ellipsoid before this

This setup is no really smooth because I have to use two apps and manually transform the points before I go out to the field knowing excatly which one I will need in the forehand.

So I’m wondering which software you are using. I stumbled across Mobile topographer Pro but was not able to work with a custom geoid

I would recommend MicroSurvey Field Genius for Android. It works just like the more expensive brands as far as localization and more advanced functions. You would have the ability to tie to a local YXZ coordinate set which means that you don’t need a GEOID. This is actually probably what you want because GEOID/Orthometric heights are typically not the same as local benchmark surface heights. Especially in construction. We localize the control then run an auto-level loop using the benchmark around the points and then adjust the elevations accordingly. The preferred scenario would be to have more than one benchmark so that you can loop through another benchmark or at least use the vertical for another benchmark in your localization because the base is not a localization point, but a point of reference that controls the rest of the network. Running the level loop also verifies that the benchmarks match in relativity and if they don’t then one of them is busted and questions would need to be asked. This is how we get our localized network down to +/- 0.03ft, but we run GNSS machine control and you may or may not need that level of accuracy.


Hello Michael,

thanks for your quick response. I ordered a demo version of field genius and will have a look on it!


Hi Hannes,

You can check a list of the apps that were tested with Reach devices in our docs.

We also have a video guide on the ArcGIS Collector workflow which might be of interest to you, too.

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There’s some great software there, but none of them do Localizations.

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Hello Tatiana,

thanks for the suggestions. I already sumbled across these tools within the docs. Bute as Michael mentioned they lack - as far as I can tell - of localization.

Most of these softwares including Reachview are GIS collectors and are happy being such. They may be considered survey by some, but they obviously haven’t worked as an RPLS and in the development arena. Locating objects and topography is not surveying. There’s a reason why there has been a big-three for so long.


Thanks Michael, after surpassing some issues converting my geoid file to a supported file format it works quite well now with FieldGenius.


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