Localisation data after power on

As also stated in that topic (Automatic restart for repeatability checks)
I need the feature to get localisation data from the reach-RTK device immediately after it’s powered up without any user interaction (no one who pushs “start” in ReachViewApp).
So what is the suggested way by emlid for doing this?

i’m not sure if i understand you correctly;
reach boots automatically “started” when it was started before shutdown;

At power up, Reach defaults to the state/action is was in, when it was powered off. If at the time of power off, collection was stopped, at power up, collection is stopped and needs to be started. If at power off it was collecting, in single/rtk mode, it will be begin collecting in whatever mode it was using at power off.

Not sure if this answers or addresses your question. If not, please restate/clarify your question.