Local topographic plan


How can I configure a local topography projection to lease civil works? In my old GNSS I used

FieldGenius and there was a preset.

In RV3, an SRC can be created, but what are the correct parameters to work in the local plan?

Where are you located? Local base and rover?

Really all you should have to do in Survey is make sure you are on the correct grid and which geoid you need to use.

I’m in Brazil

Hi Mauricio,

I believe you need to check out the required CS for the topographical surveys with the local authorities. We do have a doc page about the CSs used in Brazil, you can use it as a reference.

Eu desconfio que não tem jeito, creio ser necessário transformar do PTL para a projeção utm

Hi @otavio.geoprisma,

You can choose a coordinate system based on the SIRGAS 2000 datum (such as SIRGAS 2000 / UTM zone 26S). All of the calculations would be done in ReachView 3 app.

Also, just wanted to ask you to use English in the public section of the forum :slight_smile: It’ll be just easier for everybody to help out.

Hello Polina,

Thanks and sorry for the english.
I’m not fluent, so I end up using a translator.

Hi Mauricio,

It’s okay, we all understand you :slight_smile:

The coodinate system UTM is diferent from plane surveying local (PSL) , if the area is large, in the maybe to make error. The rgiht thing is project em PSL, afther convert to geografic

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