Loading vs Charging Rs2

Whats the difference between loading and charging in power leds in reach?

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i know this side.

what means loading

what means charging

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Loading is the initial startup until the receiver has either completed and gone into hotspot mode to broadcast WiFi or logged into another WiFi network and is ready to be connected to.

Charging is charging? It will show the percentage of the battery charge and the other LED’s at the top will roll from left to right.

ok thank you very much!

loading is the startup process

und charging is clear.

i have an unit that is not able to power on. it is at a client at me. battery is full.

is there a procedure to reset from outside?

So when you connect the charger all of the top LED’s are lit? I know with my RS+ there was a 10-15 second hold of the power button, but I do not know about the RS2. I am sure someone with more use of the RS2 will swing by soon.

Also, is there anything else that we haven’t been told, such as operating in extreme temperatures?


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