Loading sequence (...of Death) in RS+

I have three RS+ with the exact same issue reported by @pjh9839 in this previous post

When power on the units they show the loading sequence (orange>blue>green) and goes like this forever

The units will not create wifi hotspot and they will not connect to firmware flash utility, they are completely dead.

I have email to support but they will not answer.

As seen, Emlid knows about this problems because it has been reported earlier, so what’s the problem here and how can we solved it ?

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Are you doing this in office?

Yes, in the office

I have had difficulty on any sort of work on my devices when in the office because they have difficulty syncing to time when no signal from the satellites. When no sync no wifi hotpsot and likes to get hung up. I don’t know if this is your problem but typical behavior I experience when working from inside the office. I typically walk around the office park or place just outside my door/window to initialize the startup. Maybe this is of some help.

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Thanks for the TIP, I have taken two of the units to the roof, try to power on them but they still shows the same issue

I think they don’t even finish the boot up they are programmed to do, because as soon as I press the power on they keep the same lights

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until EMLID gets back to you, have you tried contacted the original posters that had the same problems and see what the resolution was for them?

Odd, and (3) at the same time? :thinking: power surge?

Yes, I have sent a DM to OP, if he/she answers I will post the solution here

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Hi @mtp,

I’ve just answered to you in the email.

I’m duplicating the answer here so we can continue our conversation on the forum:

Did you use the latest flasher version from our docs while trying to reflash? Could you please post the screenshot showing the step on which you faced an issue during the reflashing procedure?

Hi @RTK_user,

Could you try to turn the device off by pressing the power button for 15 seconds and then try to turn it on once again?

Does the issue occur from the beginning? Do you remember what’s the firmware version installed on the device?

I am now having this issue. Please someone can provide the solution?

Please try holding power button for 15 seconds to reboot the device.

Thanks for your reply. I tried but the same issue. LEDs are blinking sequentially once I press the button to switch on. Nothing I can do and it is continuously blinking. I have two units but only the Rover unit is having a problem.

It was off if I press the button 15 seconds but when I switch it on, the problem persists.

Please send us an email on support@emlid.com. Please include several photos of your Reach RS+ along with information about your order and serial number of the device.

Thanks. I just send it.
Thanks for your advice.

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