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Loading GPS Metadata into photos

(Brian Alsum) #1

This isnt direclty a Emlid pointed question but im trying to figure out how to load GPS data into photo metadata. I have some multispectrial images that I need to load included GPS data into each tiff page image. I figure the same way that PPK is done when using the airborn reach system to log and load that data into the photos after the fact.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #2

Hi Brian,

You need to use GDAL lib for this. Maybe this link will help.


Brian, did you find an easy solution for your question. I am currently looking for a solution since I currently use DroneDeploy and it requires the photos to be geotagged instead of loading a separate file. I’m not really good at command line or linux so the link Andrew provided wouldn’t be the best solution for me.

(Sylvain Poulain) #4

Exifs geotag will be less accurate than a separate file.
There is a ton of software doing that like gpscorrelate


Yes, but I currently use DroneDeploy to offload the processing of the images. They only allow geotagged images to be uploaded so I have to go that route for now. The software you referenced uses existing GPS track/log to match photos with locations via timestamps. I have purchased a Reach, not yet delivered, and hot shoe adapter to collect the location the image was taken so I am looking at accurate data, I just need a way to add the locations to the images before I can upload them.

(Sylvain Poulain) #6

Or may be it’s time to shift to another system :slight_smile:
Drone deploy is just a web interface to pix4d server. Same algorithms… which are based on SURE photogrammetry
Geosetter if you are in Windows but there is a lot of software like that !

(Michael Lambert) #7

Was there any resolution here? I am processing my first batch from my M+ P4P and will need to do the same for DroneDeploy. I am an Enterprise user and beta-tester and it is not an interface for a Pix4D engine.

(Michael Lambert) #8

All good now if anyone watching this thread hasn’t seen. Geosetter with the GPX from RTKLIB RTKPOST.