Load ERB files in Matlab

Hi everyone,

I would like to post-process the info that I get from my rover with Matlab, i.e. without using RTKlib etc. I found it pretty easy to use M = load(‘solution_xxxxxxxxxxxx_R1.ERB’) command in Matlab: I get a nice matrix M with 15 columns and as many rows as the number of epochs. My problem is that I do not understand completely what the each column is. Opening the same .erb file with geany I get the following header:

% GPST latitude(deg) longitude(deg) height(m) Q ns sdn(m) sde(m) sdu(m) sdne(m) sdeu(m) sdun(m) age(s) ratio

(GPST uses 2 columns) Can somebody explain me what Q, ns, sdn, sde, sdu, sdne, sdeu, sdun, age, and ratio are?

Thanks a lot in advance


Please refer to the RTKLIB manual for the description of LLH format.

@igor.vereninov, thanks a lot, but I downloaded the manual and went through it (overall the Appendix D Files and Messages) but I couldn’t find neither the ERB nor the LLH file format. Could you please be more specific?



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