LN02 in Switzerland

The new ReachView 3 App has a lot of new Features. :tada:

It’s possible to choose LHN95, the newest Height Reference System in Switzerland.
But this is not the Official one. LN02 is still the one we use for all works.


Will it be possible in the near future to choose LN02? That would bet great and would facilitate us a lot of work! Thanks for response.

Hi @tanja_k,

Thanks for the request! We’re already working on it. However, the process is rather complicated so I can’t give any ETAs for now. We’ll be in touch once there’s news.

Are there any news on this topic? We think of buying RS2 receivers but need correct height measurements with the viewest effort, so it would be great if we could just export correct LN02 heights from the ReachView 3 App.

Hi Jonas,

Currently, we don’t support the LN02 heights in ReachView 3. We’re looking into it, however, the process of getting the geoid turns out to be tricky. We’ll announce once the app will be able to work with it. For now, I can provide no ETAs.

I strongly support the integration of the LN02 heights. Otherwise Switzerland is deconnected from the Emlid-universe… Some well known companies of expensive GPS-Equipment are able to provide real-time calculations to the LN02.

Well done! Thanks for the implementation of LN02. I’m going to test it soon extensively!


Hi everyone,

As Samuel has mentioned, with the latest ReachView 3 5.8 update, we’ve resumed the support of the Swiss vertical CRS ‘LHN95 height’ and added a new vertical datum ‘LN02 height’ for Switzerland.

To work with LHN95 again, you will need to re-download the geoid. We’ll be glad to hear your feedback!

Works like a charm! Thx for the implementation!


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