LLH message format

I can set the “Position output” format to LLH. But I am not sure about the message format. Any documents?

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It will be in decimal degrees.

You can choose the protocol it is output in NMEA, UBX ect.

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Does the LLH position has RTK correction?

If your utilizing RTK, the base makes corrections, you send those corrections to the rover using internet or lora or external modem. The rover uses these corrections in math to fix its position calculation.

So if your Rover is receiving corrections, and has a fixed position, the LLH position output will be cm accurate in relation to the base coordinates.


Hey there,

Just wanted to add that position log contains only the positional data. There is no raw data there. However, we do record the solution status there: you will see whether the solution is Fix or not.

But @PotatoFarmer is absolutely correct, any position output export options work with geographical coordinates.

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