LLH logging randomly turns off on RS+ and M+

I have multiple RS+ units and M+ units on a field site that are being used both for survey stakeout, as well as operator tracking. They have all been reflashed in the past week, and are using Reachview image v2.18.

All of the units have LLH logging turned on in the morning, with rolling logs set at 2h. Operators DO NOT go into Logging Settings ever. Some of the units - and it seems very random which units on which day - will randomly have LLH logging turned off when checked by the field GIS tech. Occasionally a unit will even have RTCM or UBX turned on, when the operator did not make any changes in Logging Settings.

Is there a way to lock LLH logging, or any logging for that matter, to stay ON? Any other solution I may be overlooking?

Thanks very much for the help!

Hi Noah,

Could you please send me in PM Full System Reports from the devices that demonstrate this issue?

I think I had some LLH logs stops when using the Survey feature on ReachRS.

Hi Johannes,

Could you please tell a little more about this issue?
How often does it happen?
What’s the ReachView version installed on your device?

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