Linux custom distribution and Navio

Hello guys,

I’ve recentrly bought one navio2 since I need to add ardupilot functionalitites to a raspberrypi3+.

I have a custom Linux distribution based on the Yocto Project so I can’t use Emlid Linux distro with pre-installed ArduPilot and ROS.

I have no idea on how to add the software shipped with Emlid Linux distro to mine. Coula anyone give me any suggestion ?

Thanks, have a nice day.


Hello there!

Is the custom distro a must?

There’s quite a lot of work to make it work on another distro. But you can take a look at our build scripts if you absolutely want to make it yourself.

Hello staroselskiy,

I don’t know if it’s really a must but as long as now I suppose so. If the integration process is not too diffcult I will try.

I’m currently investigating and I have seen your video here. Basically it seems to me that I have to add both the ROS packages and the ardupilot to my distro and let them run.

Is that correct ?

I’ll look also at your link !

Thanks so much !


What I meant is that our Raspbian image has almost everything you might need and if it’s not there you can just apt-get install it. It’s just heck of a lot easier than build a distro from scratch with Yocto.

Thanks staroselskiy,

yes, you’re right and I know it too.

We are developing a more complex system that a flight controller and we have decided to leave raspian favouring yocto for diffferent reasons. So we don’t want to go back if it’s not a must.

I would give it a try and any suggestion is really appreciated.


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