Links to Guides?

Does anyone have any links to blogs, forums, or anything else that services as a guide to setting up navio for a quad copter?

I’m finding that I’m having questions and the documentation is a little sparse. For example, it says to finish the configurations and sends me to a link on the APM site. That page then tells me to install Copter onto my flight controller. Is copter already installed (like is that the process that starts when you say ArduCopter).

I also want to use Tower on my droid but not sure if I have to do the calibrations there or if I do the calibrations at my desktop.

I think I’ll try to take notes on what I do and make a guide for others if I can’t find one easily.


Everything is covered between the navio docs and the amp wiki.

There is documentation for physical configuration, motor setup, esc connection, prop direction in the apm wiki. Is this what you are unclear on?

Once you have apm running and your airframe properly configured, do the calibrations ( accel, compass, transmitter, etc) then pid tune. This is all covered in the apm wiki, just follow the directions for the pixhawk :smile:

Sorry, I’m probably not being very clear.

For example, if I click on the link in the documentation provided by emlid, it takes me to the startup page. The step I think I’m on is that I need to install the firmware onto the navio.

This includes connecting to mission planner using USB. I’m not sure how I do that since the USB is part of the Raspberry Pi.

@Nathan_Belk I think you’re right, that’s probably not clear for those new to Navio+. We’ll rework that.