Links: GNSS system information / RTK / post-processing / surveying / etc

Please post any links you think are helpful, like:

  • introductory information
  • advanced maths
  • (white)papers
  • guides
  • manuals
  • survey instructions / methods
  • etc.

A good overview of GNSS / RTK / Datum, etc:
(click on the lessons list on the right-hand side)

a few links previously posted in the forum:
[quote="bide, post:1, topic:2278"] GPS Antennas: RF design considerations for u-blox GPS recievers (pdf) [/quote]
[quote="bide, post:1, topic:2278"] And here is the datasheet on the antenna supplied with Reach: Tallysman TW4721 [/quote]
[quote="bide, post:2, topic:3285"] the RTKLIB docs (for version 2.4.2) PDF [/quote]
A thread on live satellite maps:
[quote="mfm, post:9, topic:355"] This u-blox application note [/quote]
[quote="matthewbrooks, post:3, topic:847"] Here is the ublox M8n cmd manual and a DIYDrones thread on these possible commands if they can help.[/quote]


The x-rays from flares are stopped by our atmosphere well above the Earth’s surface. They do disturb the Earth’s ionosphere, however, which in turn disturbs some radio communications. Along with energetic ultraviolet radiation, they heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere, causing it to expand. This increases the drag on Earth-orbiting satellites, reducing their lifetime in orbit. Also, both intense radio emission from flares and these changes in the atmosphere can degrade the precision of Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements.

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Update this one with usefull insight about GNSS and the Ionosphere

And Global Ionospheric (TEC) Maps


Some Manuals we wrote for the state

Some basic course material, I have written, along with some powerpoints.



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FREE GNSS Interregional Positioning Service of Piedmont Region and Lombardy Region in Italy - RTK and PPK
(Servizio gratutio di posizionamento, anche in termpo reale in Piemonte e Lombardia)


GPS Service Outages & Status Reports

For USA; scheduled GPS interference testing (military GPS jamming):