Lines in Reachview

Is it possible to create a line between two collected or created points and stakeout to that line with the reachview app?

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Currently this can’t be done in Reachview. I would go for a app like Fieldgenius instead.


I’m using an iPhone.

Hi Doug,

As Christian said, the lines stakeout is not supported in our software. However, we consider adding this feature in the future ReachView 3 versions.

If you have the iOS app that supports lines stakeout and can get a position via TCP, you can set the TCP position output on Reach to work with the app.


I only have the iOS app Reachview. What app are you referring to that supports line stakeouts?

Pelo que percebi o sistema IOS é bem limitato, para android podemos utilizar o TCP Gps da Aplitop, também temos o FildGenius, o Carson SurvCE. Porém utilizo o Notebook para criar varios pontos de metro em metro para depois piquetiar o que eu preciso.

Hi Doug,

I can hardly be of much help here since we haven’t tested iOS apps with the line stakeout feature. Hopefully, our users would suggest some applications that would suit your needs.

I do have an Android phone that I could use if need be. I would like to stay with the Reachview app if possible.

Hi Doug,

We’ll note your request, thank you!

For now, you can transmit Reach coordinates to Android over Bluetooth. To learn the workflow, you can explore our Mock location for Android guide. We also have a guide on the MicroSurvey FieldGenius setup, which might be of help.

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