Lines generated by codes not acccurate

When I use codes to generate lines between points, the vertices of the lines do not fall upon the coordinates of the points. In my test drawing they were consistently 2.29 feet away from the point in a southeasterly direction. Can someone tell me if there is a setting I messed up, or is Flow just wrong?
Using RS2+ base and rover to collect points.
Using the codes function to generate lines,
Exported lines as a DXF file from Flow 360 to QGIS,
Imported points from the CSV file into QGIS,
Imported DXF file into QGIS…

Measuring the distance between line vertices and points in QGIS.

  • Points are spot on, lines are off.

Update: I exported the lines and points from Emlid Flow 360 to a DXF. Both the points and lines are off by the same amount, compared to the CSV file.

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  2. Detailed issue description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
  3. Your step-by-step actions.

In case anyone is wondering. I did look at this. Seems a case of collecting everything in feet, then importing it into a project in survey feet. So, it took the CSV coordinates as is, but I’m guessing the DXF units are stored as meters or something, and then they were converted to survey feet. So, the CSV is just using different units then the DXF, resulting in the shift.


Thank you Joe!..again. Great technical support, as always.

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