Line stake out

Hi guys. Correct me if wrong, but I don’t think it’s possible to stake out a line at random intervals along the line btn two points with RV3? This would a very useful inclusion as this function is regularly used by land surveyors.

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Hi Paul,

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Currently, the lines stakeout is not supported in our app. Nevertheless, we consider adding this feature in the future ReachView 3 versions. Thanks for your request!

At the moment, if you have an Android app that supports lines stakeout, you can set the position output on Reach via Bluetooth to work with this feature.


I also think this would be sweet.

Currently using QGIS, but it seems overkill to draw a straight line.

If you could pick two points and have rv3 draw a line between them , ab line, that would be very useful. Then tell RV3 the chainage spacing along that line.

Also pick one point, a compass heading and spacing, A+ line. This would be handy for exploring, and to line up objects over long distances.

Just like the Carnac stones, RS2 is eventually going to leave a permanent line on this earth

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I would also really like this feature, which would be very very useful in ReachView 3! This is exactly what I purchased the RS+ for, to stake out fence posts along a property line. Doing this in the phone app would be survey mode would be so slick.
I currently can’t find an alternative easy way to do this (suggestions?)