Limit satellites for computation

Hi all,

We would like to know if there is possibility to give a limit of satellite to use for computation in order to check if we have delays depending if we use only 5 or 20 satellites.

I know that I can play with SNR or Elevation mask, but this can not guarantee an exact number of satellites used for my test.

Is it a planned feature ?

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Yes, If you use RTKlib version from Emlid.
Type in the satellite you wish to exclude, marked with



Thank you for your swift reply, it is interisting but, I would like to not post process it, it would like to have this live directly out from the Emldi M2 device. Is it possible ?

Hi @guillaume.rosa,

Are you trying to compare the time to the first fix with different settings?

The best way to control the tracked number of satellites in real-time will be by choosing GNSS constellations. In the ReachView 3 app, you can do that in GNSS settings.

By tuning SNR and Elevation mask values, you can add or disable particular satellites used for calculations. You can check the tracked satellites in the Status window of the Reach Panel.

Hi thanks for the swift reply.
I was afraid that would be the answer.

Our idea is linked to my other topic, is to check the influence of the number of satellite during computation to see if there is a delay between first PPS and First NMEA character.

Best regards, I would consider the topic as closed.

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