Like to set up to replace laser for digging ditches

Hey world!

Michigan farm with lots of ditches to clean trying to see if with rtk I could mount one on the boom of the excavator to monitor the depth I’m digging so I don’t have to have someone with a laser level walking along with me.
Been reading a lot and will keep it up just seeing if anyone has been doing this!

Thank you

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Hi @jfcastiglia,

Could you clarify if I get it correctly that you want to get the coordinates of the excavator’s boom?

Also, I’ve answered here other questions you asked in the email.

Will use RTK and was wondering if and how to connect your reach to a Ag leader 7500. Hopping to use the ag leader as the bace. and if this is a viable use for your reach.

Our Reach products support corrections input in the RTCM3 format. In case the base unit is able to send corrections in this format via a Serial external radio or NTRIP, you can integrate it with Reach.

also looking into differences between the RS2 to an RS+

Reach RS+ is a single-frequency receiver and RS2 is a multi-band one. It allows RS2 to get a fixed solution faster and work in more challenging conditions, for example, near buildings or in areas with rare vegetation. Also, RS2 is able to work in RTK mode at baselines up to 60 km while RS+ up to 10 km. However, they both provide centimeter accuracy.

Thank you For the information

being near tree lines definitely will be going with the RS2 option will have to look into I think the radio frequency on my Ag leader is 410

Yes I am looking to get the coordinates of the teeth of the bucket but would mount the unit to to boom to Measure the depth of the ditches. That way I can keep digging with out having to get out and check I can just set the bucket in and take a reading from the sound of it the unit should put up with the vibration of standard digging operations.

Is there an remote antenna I could mount on the boom and have the rest of the unit mounted on the cab.

would the M2 be an option for the rover and the RS2 for bace will I be able to read the coordinates during operation?

Hi James,

Yes, there is an M2 antenna extension cable in our store. However, could you elaborate on how you are planning to mount a receiver and its antenna on the excavator? I believe it’s necessary to provide some damping platform to exclude vibrations influence.

Also, if I get you correctly, you said that you want to get the coordinates while digging. Although M2/RS2 can deal with obstacles, a narrow viewing angle can become an issue. The clear view is still preferred. May I ask you to describe the workflow in more detail?

Yes, it’s a possible setup. However, to get corrections from the RS2, you need an external M2 LoRa radio. You can find it in our online store.

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