Li-Po Undervoltage Protection

Just FYI if you didn’t know this already and you’re buying a drone Li-Po batteries will die almost permanently if you drain their voltage too low… Nobody warned me about this.

Does the Navio power module have any form of under-volt protection or how are people getting around this issue?

@Daniel_Paley There’s no undervoltage protection in the power module. Usually operators monitor the voltage in the GCS interface. Most ESCs have the lower limit when they will shut the engines off.

You can also use low voltage alarm devices like this one:


You might consider setting a low voltage failsafe in APM. Logically, you should either land or RTH - but the latter may consume too much power. I personally disable the low voltage protection in ESCs - you may notice that a multirotor has a similar aerodynamic capability of a house brick; ECS low voltage protection wil power down your motors!

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