Let the good times roll

I was finally able to put together a mount for my truck with great help from our Shop and Master Fabricator. I started with a mounting system for an ATV roll-cage and chopped it up.


Excellent design Michael ! I’ve always wanted to design a mount for the receiver hitch. But haven’t found the time yet.


Thanks B. I thought about the hitch but I am in and out of my tailgate so the side was good. Plus I can see it out of my mirror. The ATV kit would actually work if you just fab’d something like this to go into the pre-existing holes… Although now that I see what they did it wouldn’t be to hard to make yourself… I cut about 2.5ft off the top. That is where it would mount to the top of the rollcage of the ATV.

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Now that I think about it, your mount is better. Like you said, it’s right there when you get out of the truck.

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Ah come on that’s too easy! I just did a 2,000 acre site holding the unit by hand out the window between points! Near 100% Q1 with my technique…

But that is nice clean work BTW.


You must have an enormous left arm, but I guess that depends on where you live… :wink:


Sweet set up.
Do you think the mud guards will give enough coverage/protection in wet conditions?

Thanks @adrian.levy99! I am 100% proof positive that it’s going to get dirty, LOL. I did try to align it so that the mud flap will definitely help, but the fact that it will be traveling with the rod at 2 m so the receiver should be pretty safe. I’ll just have to watch out for trees…


That is the one thing I like about the App/monitor that I use for surveying boundaries. When setting it up, you can offset the boundary measurement left or right of the globe whatever distance you input. This way, I don’t have to drive directly over the boundary. This works for my application as it isn’t a “true” boundary, it is close enough.

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LOL I literally do the exact same thing sometimes!!! I have found its easier to roll down my back window and but the pole in there hanging out of the window, or I bring my neighbors kid and pay him cash to go shoot in GCP’s while I fly. Did a square mile at a Lehigh Hanson quarry this way. He was beat by the end of the day lol.


This is how we do it in Africa. A lot of duct tape and hope for the best.
Note the lean towards the rear of the vehicle. This is essential to minimize parasitic drag that can drain you dual 90l fuel tanks in a few kilometers.
But future revisions following this design need to remain cognisant of the fact that:

  • (cheap) duct tape does not do well in the hot tropical sun and the glue starts to pull apart. Adding more duct tape is just a temporary fix.
  • The 5/8ths thread will vibrate loose allowing some lucky kid on the side of the road to acquire a new solid soccer ball with flashing lights.

Aerodynamic and affordable! With all that tube steel there why not just drill a hole and put a 5/8th’s bolt through it? Or if you know a welder you could get really fancy… :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea. Ill have to take a trip to Imperial Town to find a non-metric sized bolt though! But for now, lots of praying and tape works pretty well. Mrs sometimes holds it through the passenger window but on really rough roads and dusty ones, it can be a real pain. For her that is. For me, I don’t mind!


Haha, you would have liked my previous solution when I was still driving my personal SUV. I would stand it up out of the rear driver-side window held by bungee cords around my headrest… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, this is a good plan! I like that style!

I once had a field assistant in Sierra Leone on the back of a pickup bin holding the pole while standing. We were going a fair speed when we hit some low branches and the rod very smartly cantilevered back into him only to be stopped by his family jewels! I turned around to see him rolling about in the bin of the track clutching his groin!

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all have the same size Bolts, Tires, Pipe fittings Ect.

Instead of living like us poor Canucks,


Look at distance! What a kerfuffle! Always wanted to use that word… :laughing:

U.S. Breakdown

Speed - Fast
Distance - Short/Long
Temperature - Cold/Damn Hot (Texas)
Mass - Light/Heavy
Volume - Pint (At least we got one right.)

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This was just the simplified list unfortunately, there are even more nuances.

Usually if you are giving driving directions to someone you tell them the distance in “Hours” it will take to get there.

If you are in the Rural areas it is all surveyed in Miles and Acres, British Imperial Miles not the shorter American Miles, Unless its the federal government then your land is in hectares. Provincial and Municipal government its in acres, chains, rods and meters.

If giving location directions to a person from the city you tell them how many “Corners and Turns” you are away from the main road. If its a Oilfield service you give them the “Legal Sub Division” 1-2-33-55w6 (one of two, thirty three fifty five west of the 6th) and they find you no problem, if its the ambulance you give them the county house number (if you have to use it you’re dead) they are too daft to figure out LSD, if its the Post office you give them your “Rural Route number”. If you drop a person a pin there phone displays “This location does not exist” or “Cannot navigate to Location”

You get told constantly by the internet that your address is not an address, though for the past 100 years its been that address.

And many many more measurement system choice bungles.

This Country was built on infuriating people, Its like they built a whole social care system you pay into, only to make you determined to leave when you are old and expensive. Because you are too sore and impatient to stay for the cold and slow bureaucracy.


I used the new mount pretty extensively last week and what a joy! I think I am going to switch back to an aluminum pole though instead of the graphite. I didn’t feel real comfortable with the mast all the way up and the feel on securing the quick release. Other than that I wish I would have done it as soon as I got the truck. I told our shop we need to come up with the template for all our trucks and sell them!

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@chascoadmin Hahaha to avoid looking like that I put a timer on for every two minutes then I would switch arms :grinning:

@Luke_Wijnberg I was considering rigging this up in the field to my truck rack but I had the wrong duct tape. Mine was white! Introduced too much multipath… Looks like you have a nicer rack too - mine is held on by just a single rusted screw. So if someone followed behind me I guess they could not only have a soccer ball with flashing lights but a metal goal too!