Lefebure NTRIP Client and Mock Location

I have this set up and working properly. But noticed it doesn’t pass all GPS External data of Emlid Reach RS Rover to some parts of the Android apps such as MobileTopographer? More particularly the SATELLITES map feature.

If NTRIP Client off, I can see the satellites map (uses built in GPS of phone obviously this way)…but when on, all satellites missing or blank map? I’ved looked at the settings in both NTRIP Client MobileTopographer.

I’ve seen this also when trying to use Emlid Reach RS also as external GPS on Trimble Nomad Data Collector instead of built in GPS of collector.

Checking out RTN Friend app also, but not quite straight forward, same with Survey Master app… which I think that doesn’t work with Emlid but it’s own?

Thank you.

Hi, i cant speak for the rest but AFAIK Lefebure ntrip is used for routing external position data to other applications on your device but lacks options to forward data like the satellite list etc.
From what i understand, it is the Lefebure application that is not forwarding all the information to mobile topographer.
If you try GPS bluetooth wtih mobile topographer, you will see propper data beeing display.

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Thanks Tore for the clarification. I’ll try GPS Bluetooth.

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