Lefebure app no longer available

I am trying to use Lefebure to mock the android location with my M2. However the Lefebure app is not available. It says it’s not compatible with my phone (Pixel 6) because it was written for an old version of Android. Are there any alternatives?

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Try GNSS Master… never really tried it.

I think Android has a Mock Location setting in developer options too??? Not sure.


That worked! Thank you.

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Hi @fattiretom,

It seems like @timd1971 has already suggested an alternative NTRIP client. Thanks, Tim!

As a side note, the Lefebure NTRIP Client app is also incompatible with some of the devices with the latest version of Android. We’re in contact with them, and they said they’re currently waiting on Google to approve a new version of the app that is compatible with the latest Android versions.


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