LED sequence for solution status


We are using a Reach rs+ with the rover interfaced to a GIS application via Bluetooth.
Within this (and other) application there is no method of assessing the GPS fix status or accuracy level. The user needs to toggle between Reachview to check the fix status then toggle back to the GIS app to record the position.

It would be a handy feature if the Status LED on the receiver could be used to indicate the fix quality via a series of blinks. For example 1 blink for Singe, 2 blink for Float & 3 blink for fixed.



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Seems the GIS software should implement it visually AND audibly, especially when using the display for constant feedback… like the ReachView Survey feature has or when using Mock Location and Lefebure NTRIP.

One could have the lefebure app running too and have it notify with audio and signal on screen.
Just disable the mock function.

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