LED Magenta

I have 2 REACH, one of them works fine while the other just keeps on getting stuck in a Magenta LED Status. My REACH can’t be accesed from its IP adress. LED stays Magenta forever. I’ve been reflashing it many times, but it didn’t solve the problem. Thank you for your Time. God Bless you :slight_smile:


Are you sure that the module finished flashing successfully?
What is the LED status during boot, also magenta?
Are you sure that USB cable and power supply are good? Can you try another set of them?

P.S. We also got your support ticket, so we can keep the discussion there.

Yes , we followed the steps listed for flashing the firmware, the software itself has stated that the flashing is complete and wait until reach has finished booting up before unplugging the device

But when rebooting, the led goes from blue to magenta really fast and stays at magenta forever

We use power supply from PC’s USB port, it works fine with the other reach module,

Thx for your time sir

Here the some video about our reach, LED stays magenta,



We will replace your Reach, sorry about the inconvenience. Support will be in touch with you over email.