Latency transmitter/receiver/engines


I recently received a Navio+ that I linked to a Raspberry PI 2.

I have a Radiolink radio command with R9D receiver (PPM capable). Before linking it to Navio+ I already used a PX4 without any problem.

Since I did the installation Navio+/Raspberry2/R9D + calibrating radio + calibrating ESC, when I move my transmitter sticks, I notice a latency of 100/200ms to change the speed of my drone engines.

What should I do?

I installed the real time Debian distribution, installed the latest version of arducopter and so on,

Thanks for your help,

Hi Alex,
Could you please provide more information about how you do the test (step by step)? What mode do you use? By “latest version of arducopter” you mean the one compiled from diydrones/ardupilot? If yes which branch and version exactly?
On copters engines aren’t tied to transmitter sticks directly even in manual mode (there are some filters running), so they may not respond as expected.


Bug solved once I removed the HDMI cable and keyboard, now there is no more latency