Last week fix quickly, but now

Hi reach masters,
I’m confused with my reach, last week on Friday I’ve got fix quickly, under a minute. But now I can’t get it yet, I don’t change the setting. Any body can help me?

I have had similar experiences, where it works like magic one day, and the next day standing in the same spot you can’t get a fix for love nor money. (do I hear mission-planning?)

If **Glonass Ambiguity Resolution** = **OFF**, then you don't have enough GPS satelites showing to get a fix,

else if Glonass Ambiguity Resolution = ON, then you’ll probably get a Glonass fix if you wait long enough.

Where's the SBAS satellites? Enable them on rover and also RTCM3 message 1107 on base, as they will count towards getting your minimum number of satellites for a GPS fix.
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I don’t know how to use sbas. And I don’t know is that exists in my country. But now I have get fix again. Maybe in the last observation, range between wifi and base is too far. Then I closed it, got fix after less then a minute.

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