Laser Tribrachs, looking for recommandations

Hi guys,
What are You using for laser tribrachs?

I find it very handy, but I need something mechanically sturdy and with a laser that is clearly visible (class 2 or 3?).
Budget around 100 eur, 150 eur max per piece.

Here’s one that’s pretty reasonable.

Seco use to have a high precision model but I think it has been discontinued. We’ve never used any laser models as field personnel are hard on equipment. The high precision models we have (Leica and Wild Heerburg) are kept in the office for special projects as needed and are signed for when taken out in field. That way employees are responsible for any careless damage. The high precision models we have (4) are very costly ($1000) and can only be adjusted by an optical repair shop. They are used mainly for industrial machine layout where specs are 5mm.

All our optical tribrachs that are used for terrestrial traverse and GNSS observations are adjusted monthly or as needed. It doesn’t take much to cause misalignment and should be kept in a pelican case for storage/transport and be treated with care just like high precision theodolites.


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