Language Unclear... at least to me :)

RE: Static processing | Emlid Studio

Under the Workflow section:

I was wondering what the informational Note meant. Does it mean:
If you plan on using your Static Receiver later in Emlid Flow as a Base for RTK, Drone PPK, etc., be mindful of the Base’s ARP’s HI.

It simply means that to be consistent in a given project, that if you enter an antenna height anywhere in any of your workflows, it must be entered in all of your workflows.

Yes, I kind of figured that, but it’s worded as if the workflow takes place at the same time and that the HI is exactly the same in the static session as during the base.

Hi @vkbellis,

When performing static data processing, you obtain base coordinates on the ground. To use these coordinates for the base position in any other workflow in Emlid Studio, you need to enter the same antenna height value in the Base section. This will ensure data consistency within your project as @dpitman noted above.

@natalia.botygina Thank you for commenting.

If you set up on day1 with an HI of 1.57 m, but on day2, you set up with an HI of 2.00 m, maybe you can see why I mentioned that the language instructing to use the same antenna height becomes fuzzy?


Here we mean using the same base log for other workflows in Emlid Studio. If you have several raw data logs recorded on the base on different days with different antenna height values within your project, you will need to enter different heights. We’ll consider your comment, thank you!