Landing gear issues

Hello, I have a retractable landing gear which I have setup according to APM’s docs (Archived: Landing Gear — Copter documentation).

  1. When I poweron my hexa, the landing gear retracts once arducopter starts. I have to quickly toggle the switch on my remote twice so I don’t force the landing gear motors.

  2. When the drone starts a mission, it does not retract the landing gear after takeoff, but when it lands at the end of the mission, it does retract it.

In loiter and stabilize modes the LG works fine through the remote.

Anyone else noticing this behaviour?

Switch the high and low pwm. I have a dji s1000+ with landing gear. The low is 1250 to retract and high 1750 to deploy (I may have it backwards) but copter automatically makes sure that the gears stay down on start up even if the switch is in the retract position. During testing I had my gears go up on start up and had to switch it back and forth to keep them down. On RTL the gears always retracted. I switched the pwm high and low and it solved my problems. Not sure if it’s a dji thing or APM but there was another post somewhere where another person had the same issue and the same solution worked for him.

Thanks Nick, I’ll give that a try this weekend.