Land Survey Automation Challenge (centroid)

  1. Project Name: CENTROID

  2. Background and motivation: I am a Product developer, Design Researcher. My motivation is the proliferation of fake titles, expensive land survey, time consuming field work and fragmentation of data sources. I am still looking for great teammates!

  3. Project steps:

A. Initial Builds
B. Search for Partnership/Collaboration
C. Prototype test
D. Demo Prototype
E. Commercialize

  1. Main components: App, database, drone automated data collection, Very lite build of Reach RS/Reach,

  2. Photos and Videos:
    Forum | ALTA Land Survey Software Automation Challenge | HeroX

  3. Step by step documentation of building process (optional): raw Adobe XD


Drone Platform to be explored on this application use case

Semi Auto Aerial based land boundary Survey

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HOw did your project start up go?

Hi Simon,

Still a concept. No reliable team mates yet.
Some tech has not reach maturity.

So this project will be active when barriers are address