L5 showing very sparsely

Hello everyone!

I’ve been checking satellite data and found interesting that L5 frequency is showing very sparcely and only in situations where the SNR is very low (25 or below). I checked them using the RTKLib 2.4.3 b33 version from GitHub and the qt 2.4.3 b33 version from Emlid.

Anyone having trouble finding L5 signals?

Follow an image where i highlighted the possible L5 signals.

Emlid Reach RS2 logs Gallileo L5 (e5b).
For GPS it logs L1/L2.

More details in the specs: https://emlid.com/reachrs2/


Hi Adriano,

Christian is right: Reach RS2 doesn’t track L5-frequency for GPS and GLONASS. However, even for Galileo sats, grey color doesn’t mean E5b signals. A signal’s track becomes grey when a satellite is close to the horizon, and its SNR is low.

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I noticed that only shows when below SNR 25, what i found odd is that the same coloration is for L5 signal, maybe RTKPlot is mixing the legend below then?

Sometimes if I know I’ll be in a high multi-path area, I’ll use mission planning software to plan on low PDOP times. This is a great way to know what sats and frequencies type are available.


Hi Adriano,

Yes, thanks for noticing! We’ll check and fix that.

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Thanks! Will be waiting for an update!

Hi Adriano,

Is there any chance you could share the logs with us? We reproduced this but would like to check your logs as well. You can send it to support@emlid.com.

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No problem! Will be sending right away!


I’ve received the logs, thanks!

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