L1/L2/L2C/L5/GLONASS GPS why cost so much?

Curious, what is the specific reason why this costs so much?

What keeps Emlid from developing this level of receivers compared to just L1? Are materials from Mars needed? : /

It’s like all this is gold for so many years? A racquet. Yet, what these devices are made of, you know don’t justify the high $$$$$$. Why are corrections services also so $$$$$$?

I guess it’s the nature of the business these are used that keep equipment prices out of range ? Super high dollar govt construction contracts? Kind of like the medical field equipment? Just expensive because the people using the equipment make exhorbament amounts of income?

Just curious as all why everything in this field is cRaZy overpriced and seems to stay that way given the speed of technology (which brings cost down) these days? Emlid seems to disrupting this… but seems to really disrupt is to directly take on companies like Trimble with top notch receivers that are L1/L2/L2C/L5/GLONASS GPS.

Before long all this will be scaled down to your phone… and everyone will have access to it… just a matter of time.

Do you have some data?

Did you evaluate the performance/cost ratio? Can you share your results?


Likely because R&D costs are high, and volume/unit-demand low. Then the price per unit needs to be high to cover all the costs.
The same goes for correction networks. It is very much a specialty field,

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Good points wizprod.

Yeah, but it’s not so small to be niche which I would understand the high cost of gnss rtk units. Even robotic total stations. Yes they are precision instruments, but really, there is a ton of competition and they are for the most part the same established technology that been around for so long now that prices should have come down by now. Hell, look at how cheap Leica Disto laser measuring devices are? You can virtually set the Disto up like a total station nowadays to get fairly good DR measurements. The Disto 3D is much more expensive but has more to offer, i.e., 3d stake out.
I dunno, my point is, the MAJORITY of the equipment is still too overpriced and for far to long. I am very appreciative of Emlid disrupting things with their great products. VERY IMPRESSED with the accuracy of the Reach RS and the great price and quality! You don’t feel like you squandered your money away or took out mortgage for a few pieces of equipment… and the Emlid for the most part accomplishes the same thing…at least for my needs… yes, some require Trimble. Leica, TopCon etc…and that’s fine… their money.

My other point is if Emlid can produce what they have achieved for such a “reasonable” cost, then why can’t the others? Well they won’t until they “have to”. I’d milk it too for as long as possible. Emlid, piksi, etc are just the beginning to make all this attainable when it was finacially impossible before or the others just didn’t deliver the accuracy needed.

What brought the Emlid products in at such a reasonable cost are:

  1. The vision of the Emlid founders.
  2. The initial Kickstarter project funding.
  3. The hard and efficient work of team Emlid.
  4. The availability of mass-produced GNSS chips with access to their raw data.
  5. The work of T. Takasu on the RTKLIB project bringing the mysteries of RTK to open-source.

We are lucky to have such a user-friendly RTK system available at such a low price point.


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