Ladies and Gents;
I will use Emlid reach2 to establish two control points in a Wharf to use them in the GNSS /Heading calibration for a vessel during mobilization, in South Korea
I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a Ntrip Correction in Korea (paid or free ) to Korea2000 datum and if anyone knows the parameters of the KNgeoid18 or at least the separation grid between KNgeoid18 to the ellipsoidal datum??


Hi Ahmed,

You can work with both KNGEOID18 heights and ellipsoidal heights in our ReachView 3 app. It’s fully supported, so you don’t need to add any parameters or grids manually.

To set the KNGEOID18 heights while creating a project:

  • In the Coordinate system tab, tap one of the Legacy CS based on the Korea 2000 datum

  • Go to the Vertical datum tab and choose South Korea KNGEOID18 height

As for NTRIP services in South Korea, can’t share much info, but let’s hope others can!

Thanks a lot;
That helped me a lot.
Actually, the reason why we will use the Emlid is that the geoid and the Korea2000 datum are updated in the Emlids by default.
I know this might be out of the technical support scope but;
Do you know where Can I get the Separation model from KNGeoid to the ellipsoid? Our Navigation system doesn’t support it. I have checked almost every website online and I couldn’t find it.


Hi Ahmed,

If the model can’t be found in open sources, it seems to be closed data we can’t share. But it may be possible to obtain it from your local Cartography department. So, I’d suggest checking it with them.

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