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Keep It Simple?

(Bruce) #1

Good day to all of you.
HELP !!!
It is given that most of you have more real life experience in builds than than the average person.

So yes I need help is everything. Best frame ? Parts list ?
I have seen similar project breakdowns in other DIY but they do not have the NAVIO+

Maybe this post will help all of us promote the end users to build MORE Open Drones (my nickname for them)

Yes I am familiar with linux why else would I be here laughs

(Mikhail) #2

Welcome to our forum!

Please check the project section, you can find some build descriptions there:

For example:

What frame size would you prefer?

(Daniel Frenzel) #3

My first copter was a flip sport.
Check: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/assembly-instructions/hoverthings-flip-sport-quadcopter/
I suggest to avoid carbon for your first builds, as the replacement is more expensive and you will anyway break a lot of things.
For smaller props up to 10" I also don’t see good reasons to use carbon blades.

(Bruce) #4

Thanks for the replies so far.