Keep It Simple?

Good day to all of you.
HELP !!!
It is given that most of you have more real life experience in builds than than the average person.

So yes I need help is everything. Best frame ? Parts list ?
I have seen similar project breakdowns in other DIY but they do not have the NAVIO+

Maybe this post will help all of us promote the end users to build MORE Open Drones (my nickname for them)

Yes I am familiar with linux why else would I be here laughs

Welcome to our forum!

Please check the project section, you can find some build descriptions there:

For example:

What frame size would you prefer?

My first copter was a flip sport.
I suggest to avoid carbon for your first builds, as the replacement is more expensive and you will anyway break a lot of things.
For smaller props up to 10" I also don’t see good reasons to use carbon blades.

Thanks for the replies so far.