Keep CORS corrections as input or not?

I use my RS2 as an NTRIP server to my M3E. I use my states CORS network to first set my base position. Usually a 5-10 minute average depending on how much time I have to wait. My question is, once this static point has been averaged and set, should I turn off the corrections for my CORS station? Will my M3E achieve greater accuracy if the base itself is also receiving corrections? I tend to think not since the base position is already set but I could be wrong. Thanks for any help.

After you have switched your Rs2 to the base station mode and connected MZ3 to it, MZ3 is no longer connected to CORS and does not receive any corrections from it. You can leave the base station connected to Cors, but this will not affect anything, it only wastes extra resources.

The RS2 is always in base station mode, I just want to know why the base station still claims to be receiving corrections after the position has been averaged and set. It seems like it should be automatically turned off and switched out of kinematic mode at that time. Also, once you manually turn off a corrections input, the icon switches to a red “single” icon. Which is technically correct, but it makes it appear as a bad thing. It should instead say something along the lines of “fixed static”.

Well, yes, that’s right. After you set up your RS2 as a base station, you need to manually disable receiving corrections from Cors, i.e. set the correction input flag to off. And yes, that’s right, your Rs2 will show the single status, since it no longer receives corrections from another base station, it is a base station itself. It doesn’t need a fixed solution, since Rs2 already knows its exact position, which you specified when setting up the base station.


Yes the base station will continue to receive corrections and no it doesn’t make any difference. Why are you shooting static? How are you occupying your base point after collection? Manual entry or occupying from the project? I shoot fix-and-hold for 5 minutes and get consistently great results.


Hi John,

You’re right. The corrections from the CORS network are required only to accurately determine the base’s position.

Once you have it, you won’t need these corrections further on. Your base will use the NTRIP server to stream the corrections to your drone.

After the Correction input is disabled, your Reach RS2 will indeed have a SINGLE solution, but this will not affect the accuracy of your drone survey.


Thanks for the clarification. One more question that is sort of related. If I have a frequently used survey nail/s is there a way to save that coordinate to quickly and easily use that nail in the future? I know you can just manually type it in each time, but just one typo could cause a major problem when processing later on.

The preferred method if you already have corrections is to occupy a point you have in a Project.

Base Settings
Choose from project



Yes, as Michael also mentioned, it’s possible with the Choose from project option. To do that, you need to save this point in any of your projects.

This option is available under Base settings → Configure → Manual → Choose from project.