Just received a bill from DHL for unpaid duties

Well just received a rather unwelcome bill from DHL for import duties. Emlid should let potential buyers know that you will be billed another $30 after delivery. Rather dissppointing on top of having wifi/power/boot issues with units.

Hi Eric,

I am sorry that you had to experience this, but it is out of Emlids power to control imports. The customer is responsible for import taxes and associated paperwork. We have fully covered the delivery fee for your parcel to DHL and it was solely their decision to charge you for the importing process without consulting you first.

We are constantly working on increasing our distribution network in order to provide an option to buy locally, which should improve delivery times and eliminate importing issues like this one.

If you have any further queries regarding the order delivery you can reach out to support@emlid.com.

I am sure that issues with power will be resolved soon, Emlid values customer satisfaction and if (very unlikely) you have a faulty unit. it will be replaced.


I just got a Import Duty fee from FedEx for $512.54 on my $2,020.03 Reach RS2 purchase. I’m trying to dispute this, but I think that the shipper should be responsible for it.

Hi Glenn,

As mentioned on our Delivery and payment page, the final order price doesn’t include final taxes and duties. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control.

I’d recommend checking on this matter further with our Sales reps via info@emlid.com.

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