Jumping between float and fix

The Reach RS units are jumping between float and fix, mostly in float. If I note the x, y and z of a base fix, can I use that information as a precise location during processing and process rover data relative to it? Will this resolve the integer abiguity and produce centimetre-level precision? While a project is active in the field, the base would jump between fix and float but a precise base (fix) position would be recorded. Also, any suggestions on how to tweak things to make the system more stable so the fix is more stable/reliable?

Can you post screenshots of your current settings?

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Did you notice anything suspicious on the status page of ReachView when it switched to float? How are the sat signals? When it fixes, does the ambiguity ratio climb up way past 10 or does it hover around 3 to 5? As @DaneGer21 said, screenshots would help.

What do you mean by base fix? How are you getting that? Perhaps with an NTRIP connection or some published coordinates? If so, then the answer is yes.

If the above answer is yes, then yes to this question too.

As @DaneGer21 mentioned we would need more information. ReachView settings if you have changed any from defaults. Satellite signal info from status page, or even better, a screenshot of SatVis and SNR/elevation plot of both base and rover from RTKPLOT. …or log files.

Are you using LoRas for corrections? I feel like the correction link might be unstable, thus degrading the solution. System report please!

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