Joystick Connection to Emlid Edge


I am using Emlid Edge as a autopilot for my Quadcopter configuration. I am using Q-ground control station as the GCS. I want to control my gimbal with the joystick instead of RC. Gimbal specification is:- Foxtech FH310Z 1080P Camera 3-axis gimbal.

Can you provide me details of joystick connection for gimbal control to Emlid Edge and settings to Q-GCS. If there is any manual for the same kindly provide that too.

Also, if possible ,please let me know what are the best gimbal controllers beside RC available in market best configurable to Emlid Edge.

Thanks & Regards,
Rakshita Parihar

Hi @rsparihar10,

I hardly can provide you with a ready solution for an application you described. We don’t have any manuals or step-by-step guides for such integration.

All I can recommend is to take a look at ardupilot docs. I hope it will be useful for you. Here’s the description of controlling vehicle with a joystick. In this article you can find camera gimbal configurations in Mission Planner. I suppose you can use some of this information for Ardupilot specifying in QGroundControl too.

Hi Tatiana,

I want to know which is the best way to control a Gimbal for Emlid. Since, Emlid supports camera configuration through HDMI output, there must be some way to control the Gimbal.

Kindly, provide me the details and related documents.

Rakshita Parihar

You have PWM-inputs on your gimbal for all axis. You need to connect these inputs to PWM outputs on your edge and configure them in the right way. Arducopter is an opensource project and it is well documented, I don’t think many people will help you to do something which you can do on youre own if you would only read the manual… .

Hi @rsparihar10,

I’m afraid we don’t have any documents about Foxtech FH310Z gimbal control for Edge. We didn’t try to integrate Edge with this particular model. The implementation will require from you additional research and some efforts, however, it’s rather straightforward procedure.

So, there is a great deal of room for your creativity. It’d be great to see the result if you’re going to accomplish it!

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