It’s Time for Emlid Photo Contest! Share your Project to Win Reach RS2

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This year, we will give away a Reach RS2 and exclusive Emlid swag for the most interesting field photos with Reach!

The contest starts on Jul 30 and ends on Sep 1.


  • The absolute winner gets a Reach RS2, multi-band RTK GNSS receiver
  • Top 10 entries receive a swag bag with exclusive Emlid-branded items

The winners will be selected by a special jury from Emlid team.


  1. Take a photo of your Reach at work in the field
  2. Write a brief project description
  3. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn by September 1
  4. Tag @emlid (@emlidtech on Facebook) with #MyEmlidReach hashtag

The contest winner will be announced on September 9 via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Emlid website.

By submitting the project for the Emlid photo contest, you agree to the contest rules.


Check entry examples and the past contest winner in this post.

We’re looking forward to seeing your photos from the field! Good luck!


Is this for customers that already have an RS2? Or are RS+ users eligible?


It says with reach ? So that means all Emild receivers.:grin:


Seems the overall winning photo would be with a RS2 to promote it naturally. ; )

Edit: UNLESS the photo was taken on the moon with an RS+? :upside_down_face: (I don’t think it would get a FIX though)


Maybe ,but there are still a lot of good stuff happening with the RS and RS+


Yes, like mounted on roller coasters.


hello as they are I think it’s a little premature because not all of us have our equipment received and I speak for those who still don’t get to them and I think of the total equipment sold one of them will have a good reason to have acquired the equipment and it would be a pity they could not send their s photographs

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Reach RTK, Reach RS, Reach RS+ and Reach M+ users are eligible for the contest!

Michael, I am pretty sure you have some nice photos to share!


Stay out of the contest for the RS2 delay, to give us the possibility with the RS +

Ahhh ok