Issues with Navio2 board

Hi…I have had a ton of issues with my Navio2 board. Fundamentally arbitrary stops inflight. When taking a gander at the logs there is no unmistakable blunder simply an unexpected end of information. Annihilated 3 copters and a quadplane with this framework and Emlid can never appear to help following the wellspring of this issue. Same outcome on 2 distinct sheets and 2 unique Raspebrry pi’s

Hi Lilli,

We’re always here to help you in finding the causes of unexpected behavior. However, as long as there’re few details on the issue, I can hardly make any conclusions on the case. Please, provide the following information so that we can work this out together:

  1. Navio2 Image and ArduPilot version.
  2. Detailed issue description. What exact conclusions made via the flight logs so far?
  3. Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  4. Exact make and model of additional hardware.

At the moment, my first assumption was that there’s an unstable power supplied to Navio2 and the drone’s parts. I recommend checking your battery as it could be a source of the issue.

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