Issues with GPS and GStreamer concurrent operation

Using latest Arducoper revision 3.6
Product: Navio 2
Issue: Emlid 2019-11-28 55eba2e2a9cc1e7f37b6bad8342c500a46c5452c
Kernel: 4.19.83-emlid-v7l+
RCIO firmware: 0xb9064332

Desktop configuration so far. I notice this issue with mission planner running connected over UDP I get a good GPS fix no issues with GPS at all.

when I run:

raspivid -n -t 0 -rot 180 -w 960 -h 720 -fps 30 -b 6000000 -o - | gst-launch-1.0 -e -vvvv fdsrc ! h264parse ! rtph264pay pt=96 config-interval=5 ! udpsink host= port=5000

it comes up with a warning GPS Glitch.

The GStreamer overlay appears, but the GPS goes off line:

I get no GPS fix at all.

When I stop the streaming process on the RPI… the GPS come straight back on line.

I think I found the problem… seems there is significant interference from camera (Raspicam 1.3) cable with the GPS antenna cable. When all cables were physically separated as far as possible the issue goes away.

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