Issues with fix on RS+

I have been having a problem getting a fix this year and what seemed to be the problem was when my RS+ units up dated they needed to be reset to default settings on both rover and base then everything worked great.

Hi Joel,

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Do I understand correctly that now you’re able to work without issues with your Reach RS+?

That is correct.


That’s good to hear!

May I ask you to specify the firmware version you use now?


Now that i turn my rover on i am reminded that there is still an issue with the battery charge dropping to 66% then holding for most of the charge at that level before shutting down. The unit works fine just kind of annoying when you have to end your day early because the unit shut down without warning.

Hi Joel,

May I ask you to share a full system with us? Please send it to us at as it may contain some sensitive information.

I fixed my issue by re flashing the units

Hi Joel,

Glad that you’ve fixed this issue. :slight_smile: Let us know if you need any help.

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