Issues with emlid reach m2 timemark pin

hello emlid team,

we had been using our reach m2 module with custom sony camera for mapping which was working properly for the past three months.
camera hotshoe connected with C1 port in reach module.

few days earlier we had a issue with power cables in the custom camera. later after clearing the issues while checking the last event time is not been updated.

we have changed the power cables and then camera too and used sony a6000, with emlid hotshoe adaptor and cables, still no luck, we didn’t have last event time updated in the ground.

any possibility of damage of timemark pin in C1 port, how do it check it is working properly or not,

can i use timemark pin in C2 port ?

thank you

Hi Madan,

Welcome to our forum!

You can connect Sony a6000 camera via our hot shoe adapter with Reach’s C1 port, and trigger the camera. Then, download raw data log and send me back. I’ll check if there are time marks in the log.

C2 port isn’t used for time mark registration, so it’s not the option.

Thanks Kirill for the reply.
here i share our log .

i doubt we might have accidently damaged the C1 time mark pin. any way to check that pin working normally?


Thank you for the log!

I’ve checked it and there are no time marks at all. Most likely, С1 port is damaged as you presumed.

Thanks for the info.
Any other ways i could confirm it?
Or it can be repaired?

Hi Madan,

You can test it with another hot shoe adapter and another camera if they’re at your disposal. On top of that, you can attach multimeter wires to check if there’s voltage on the time mark pin.

We don’t repair devices. It’s related to the costs: sending the receiver back and forth to the factory along with repairing will cost more than the new device.

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