Issues with connecting to iPad hotspot

I’ve had the same problem, cry RS2 can’t find the hotspot from my iPad but find it from my iPhone no worries.

Hi Brenton,

What iPad model do you have? It should work fine with both iPhone and iPad. So, let’s troubleshoot this one, if you wouldn’t mind.

Mini 5 on iOS 15.5. The iPad is relevant but it’s also happening on my Google Pixel 6 Pro so there are two threads about the same behavior but on different devices.

Oh, I see. I just replied in another thread. Let’s keep the discussion there. This one I’ll leave for Brenton’s case so that we don’t get confused.

Mines an iPad Air 2

Hi Brenton,

There is one thing with iOS hotspots: you need to keep the Personal hotspot page open while Reach is looking for the network. If you do it this way, does the issue persist?

Hi Svetlana. Yes I kept the hotspot open. I did everything the same way as when using the iPhone.

Hi Brenton,

We’ve just released 29.2. firmware update. It fixes some issues related to Wi-Fi connection. It looks like something which may help with your case. Please update your device and let me know if it helps you out or not!


Ok I will give it a shot. Thanks Svetlana


Hi Brenton,

Have you had a chance to update the device?

Hi Svetlana. I have updated thr RS2 but haven’t had a chance to try it with iPad. Hopefully will get a chance in the next few days.

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