Issues getting Fix with PPK

Hi guys,
Im using Emlid Studio 1.3 and am struggling to get my drone results to fix. I am getting a fix with Redtoolbox but I prefer the workflow of Emlid Studio.
Can someone run my .ubx files and tell me what they get and tell me what to change in my settings (screenshots attached).
I’d given up on PPK until Dronedeploy fixed their uploader, now I’m trying to get it working.
Thanks for the help!

Change your Glonass Integer ambiguity resolution method to “Fix And Hold”, and you’ll get your needed fix :slight_smile:

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Wizprod’s method works.

Also, I had luck using your settings and get 100% fix by turning all the satellite constellations off except GPS & Glonass

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Thanks guys. Worked well.
While I have you, have you any idea why my setup would be missing triggers? Im using a phantom 4 pro V2 and a kit that goes over the LED on the arms.

Hi all! Thank you for bringing it up. We will double-test the settings and update the default ones to make it easier and quicker to process the data.

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Check for light-leaks would be my first go-to.

Just to keep everyone up-to-date: we’ve changed the default settings for Glonass AR mode to Fix And Hold.