Issues connecting STORM32 gimbal board to Edge


I’m trying to connect a camera gimbal controlled by a STORM32 gimbal control board to my Edge. I’ve got it connected to the SERIAL-ADC port, with the STORM32 TX connected to the Edge RX, and the STORM32 RX connected to the Edge TX.

Using a serial sniffer, I can see that every second, the STORM32 emits a Mavlink heartbeat, so everything is working on that end.

These are the parameters I’ve configured:

MNT_TYPE = 4 (for storm32 mavlink)

The ardupilot documentation says to set BRD_SER1_RTSCTS to 0, but I can’t seem to find that parameter.

The Edge doesn’t seem to be able to see the gimbal. Normally, another mavlink device would pop up in mission planner, or I would be able to tilt the gimbal, or target it with a waypoint.

Any ideas?

After trying a bunch of stuff, it turned out to be a gimbal firmware issue. Everything is working now and I can see the gimbal in mission planner.

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